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Transfix™ for Flowcytometry distribute by Bioleague

What is TransFix?
TransFix is a cellular antigen stabilisation reagent which preserves cells and their leucocytic antigens for at least 10 days prior to flow cytometric analysis.

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Clinical Application: Immunophenotyping Human Blood
TransFix is CE marked as an IVD for immunophenotyping human whole blood. Blood samples treated with TransFix are suitable for flow cytometric testing, immune monitoring and immuno haematology screening. Advantages of using TransFix include the reduction of false negative results and the ability to repeat analysis without the need for patient re-call. Samples treated with TransFix can be stored at ambient temperatures, enabling the shipment of samples between sites without requiring for cold chain transportation.

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Clinical Application: Immunophenotyping Cerebrospinal Fluid
Case Studies and Further Information
Learn More About TransFix HereTransFix has been cited in clinical publications for use in the immunophenotyping of cerebrospinal fluid. Cells within cerebrospinal fluid are typically low in numbers, sparse in concentration and degrade quickly, resulting in the necessity to promptly test speciments and prevent false negative results. TransFix/EDTA CSF Sample Storage Tubes have been developed in collaboration with leading research oncologists, and are optimised for the stabilisation of cerebrospinal fluid.

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Research Application: Stabilisation of Circulating Tumour Cells
The detection of circulating tumour cells (CTCs) in blood is considered a “liquid biopsy” revealing metastasis and providing live information about a patient’s disease status. Addition of TransFix to blood samples at the time of collection has been shown to significantly extend the integrity of CTCs within samples.

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Research Application: Stabilisation of Bone Marrow Cells
Independent research has been published on the use of TransFix to aid the enumeration of bone marrow mast cells and for the immunophenotyping of rat bone marrow stem cells.

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Research Application: Animal Blood Stabilisation
Researchers have found that the addition of TransFix to animal blood samples at the time of collection has significantly extended the integrity of the samples in several different species. Independent research has been published where TransFix has been used for white cell counting in chicken blood, and also for studying T-lymphocytes in Turkey blood samples.

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